Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic The Glasgow Gallery of Photography has had to close its doors until the crisis is over, However we would like to continue online as we still need to cover costs, like rent for the gallery and other costs that don't stop, even for global pandemics.
Many of you may have found yourselves in a similar situation, that's why we are running weekly pay what you can digital exhibitions where we will share our online gallery with your images, and hopefully when this is all over, we will choose our favourites and publish them in a printed zine. Your images will remain on our website permanently.  

The theme we quite like is cityscapes so we thought why not, since we loved our cityscape exhibition back in September. "cityscape 2" . 
So send us 10 of your best cityscape images, and we will choose them and put them in our online gallery, then we will select our favourites and publish them in a zine when we are allowed back out the house and hopefully have some kind of celebration in the gallery.

Email your 10 chosen images to the glasgowgalleryofphotography@gmail.com
with your name, title and any social media or website links, then pay what you can afford at our payment buttons below, our options are £2.50/£5.00/£10.00/£20.00 or you can make a donation of any amount you wish via PayPal. Please remember to name each file.

Closing date is 12th April and will appear online 13th April.


Pay what you can afford, and thank you for your support.