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We can finally welcome submissions to the new Glasgow Gallery of Photography zine programme.
From June 1st The Glasgow Gallery of Photography will be accepting submissions from Photographers who wish for their work to be turned into a photography zine which we will publish at no cost to the photographer.

There is no submission fee
No Participation Fee
Photographers will not pay any publication costs
Photographer will be able to sell their zines at 0% commission.

As is the galleries mission and has been from day 1; We embrace submissions from all individuals, regardless of their level of experience—whether you're a professional photographer or someone who has only began their photography journey. Whether you're well-known, obscure, local, or international, we encourage you to share your work with us.
We try not to suggest specific subject matters to avoid limiting the scope of submissions.
We review all submissions equally
We have a particular interest in documentary, aspects of change in society, music, youth or sub-culture, or the urban landscape and street photography, although our interests extend beyond these themes.

We do not want random sets of images however, We would prefer a series of images that are part of a project or theme that consist of around 25 images.

We operate digitally and lack the capability to scan negatives.

To submit your work, please send a brief blurb along with a web link via email. If your work isn't available online, please kindly refrain from sending image files via email. Instead, please use WeTransfer to send both the files and introduction as a single transfer. Please direct submissions to As always we very much appreciate you sharing your work with us.

Thank you for considering The Glasgow Gallery of photography as a platform for your photography.


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