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Exhibition entry and fees

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography has taken the decision to revert our international exhibition in August back to FREE entry, However as a result of this it now means that the Participation fee for 7 to 10 day exhibition will now need to go back to £33.00 and here is the reasons why. The Glasgow gallery of photography is a non profit gallery, We do not do these exhibitions to make any profit, Besides it would be near impossible to do this anyway, Preparing and putting in exhibitions is an expensive business as am sure many of you will know from personal experience. With Covid hitting the gallery needs to get up and running again fast to insure its survival. We have 2 legacy exhibitions in August and 2 new ones, part of the draw of our gallery is that entry is free and only selected photographers pay a fee to have their images printed, and displayed for a period 3/7 or 10 days depending on the theme/cost etc. It is the fairest way we can do this, Photographers should not have to pay a fee and then not have their work seen, We are against large funded galleries and photography brands who run "Competitions" and give very little in return and this has been our stance from the start, The reason we are having to revert the fee back up to £33.00 is because by doing free entry it means a lot more work for us, Compiling and sorting through hundreds of images to select, and prep for print, and emailing participants, sorting fee's answering questions etc this takes a lot more man power and hours than the simpler system of paying up front and having work selected. This is the system we ran before and it is the system that our participants prefer so we will stick with it for now. Work will continue to be submitted though our website. Thanks for your understanding and patience while we try and navigate our way through the current climate.

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