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Exhibition Submissions Process and Fee's

The free submission model the gallery currently runs is now under review, This is due to a massive jump in numbers of people not informing us of their intentions when it comes to exhibiting in the gallery, We ask very clearly in our acceptance emails that if for any reason you can not participate to tell us asap so we can plan our exhibitions properly, Unfortunately this has not been happening and as a result we may now need to get rid of the free submission policy entirely. This is extremely unfair on photographers who want to participate in our exhibitions however we feel we have been left with no choice but to look at other options including upfront fee's. In the month of October alone we received 77 Submissions where the submitters did not inform us of their intentions to not participate, This held up the exhibitions and wasted a significant amount of gallery staffs time, time that could have been used elsewhere, not only does this negatively impact the gallery but the photographers taking part. We understand we are living in difficult times, and things change, and times are tough, We are very understanding. However 77 people is far too many and we feel it is extremely disrespectful to myself, staff and the work the gallery does. From Monday November 2nd anyone who does not respond to submission emails will be blacklisted for all future exhibitions. Any and all submissions changes will come into affect in January once a new submission process has been agreed. Michael McCann Gallery Director

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