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Gallery/Covid Update

The gallery has taken the decision to cancel all current exhibitions open for submission and suspended any further future exhibitions, This is due to Scotland as well as the rest of the uk being in a full lockdown for the rest of January, However it is more than likely this will go beyond January and best case scenario it will be mid to late February or even March before we open again. At this present time, like every one else we just do not know when this lockdown or restrictions will end and we do not want to be sitting on a back log of exhibitions as this would put financial strain on the gallery that we are simply not in the position to withstand for long periods of time. The Black Edition Exhibition and Street Photography exhibitions are printed and both these exhibitions will go ahead when the gallery opens, We will let you all know when this will be, we understand participants are keen to have their work seen, and we promise we will follow through on this. Over the Christmas period the Gallery became a Community Interest Company which now means the Gallery can apply for much needed funding, however we are not guaranteed to receive anything, but now we are at least in the position to ask, this may help the gallery gain some much needed funding towards its survival, however these things take a long time and are usually long drawn out and full of red tape so it will take a while. Thank you to everyone who has participated in our online exhibitions and bought the zines, these have been incredibly popular and we are now looking at doing these instead of exhibitions while we remain closed, we are obviously also looking at new ways of bringing your work to larger and wider audiences. The End of Year magazine will be delivered to us on the 11th of January and we will have them posted out to everyone by the 12th/13th of January. The gallery also has a new exhibitions coordinator Elaine Springall who some of you will now be dealing with with from time to time. We will be launching another online Exhibitions/zine for January in the next few days. Thank you again for your support and understanding during this time, and Stay safe and well. The Glasgow Gallery of Photography Team

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