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Gallery Updates and Changes.

Updated: May 25, 2023

Hello and a Happy new Year to you all. The Gallery and bookshop is undergoing a few changes to help get the gallery ready for the busy year ahead. The biggest change is that from the end of February the gallery will no longer be selling photography prints, after a long review this is a service we are completely doing away with. Unfortunately sales of photographic prints are far too low to warrant us continuing this service. We are also not a commercial gallery and we are now equipt to handle the sheer amount of photography works and handle and deal with the sale of these. Work being exhibited in an exhibition will still be priced and sold on behalf of photographers however once the exhibition ends the print can either be collected of destroyed.

We are no longer excepting prints from photographers to sell in the bookshop. We would ask any photographer who currently has work in the gallery shop to please come and collect the work before the end of February. We would also ask any photographer who has asked to collect prints from exhibitions to do so before the end of January, after which we will shred the prints as we can no longer hang on to these. We are also reviewing the sale of photography zines however a decision will be taken on these in March, it is unlikely we will stop the sale of these, however it is likely that we may restrict the zines and work that we take. The Glasgow Gallery of Photography Team

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