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Postcards From Summer

Postcards from summer is now on display art venues around Glasgow, The images can be found at the following locations: Postcards from Summer venues:

Sogo Arts 82-86 Saltmarket, Glasgow, G1 Burning House Books 446 Cathcart Road, Glasgow, G42 Blitzkreig 204 London Road, Glasgow, G40 Ellemental 270 Gallowgate Glasgow G40 As most people visiting will be local and Scottish photographers we have kept these grouped together so we can send everyone to the one location to see their image, it keeps it simple and easier for us to keep track. So if you are a Glasgow or Scottish Photographer your work will more than likely be at Burning House Books. Uk and International photographers work will be spread amongst the other locations as we don't expect anyone to be flying in from Mexico and Asia to see their work as nice as that would be. Thank you to everyone who is participating in this exhibition and to our venues for allowing us to take over their windows for a few weeks. And if I can take this opportunity for everyone to follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you are not already doing so that would be a great help and will help keep you up to date with the exhibition.

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