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Updated: May 25, 2023

We have noticed that since our return we get a lot more emails from participants who miss deadlines or entire exhibitions for that matter. So here is the issue we seem to have. When we have exhibitions we post on the open call the dates these exhibitions take place, It its very rare for this these dates to change as they are planned weeks in advance. If we say an exhibition is going to take place on specific dates, that's usually when it happens. So when submitting Take notes of these dates. During the exhibitions we post on Social media, and this is where the main issue seems to lie. When we post on social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, We have ZERO control who see's these posts. We know we have 1000 followers on Facebook for example, yet most of our posts only get seen by around 400 people. Facebook decided what happens with the other 600 followers. We often get "You don't post anything on social media about this"

We actually do a lot of the time, It's just Facebook decides you don't get to see it. This is obviously hugely frustrating for us as it limits our communications with you. We also have the website, But we are limited to how many emails we send out as we do not want to spam everyone with constant emails. So we need to drip feed out our information to you. Also running 3 separate social media accounts and a website comes with its own issues, so as well as running a full time gallery and a full time bookshop, social media posts take a back seat. We also don't put constant images of exhibitions on social media at the start of each exhibition. As an gallery we are paying rent, rates, water, electricity, insurance factor fee's, printers, framers so we rely on people coming into the gallery to see the work on the wall in person other wise the entire exercise is pointless, It defeats the entire purpose of the gallery. Imagine the Louvre decided one day to just post pictures of its entire collection on Facebook and Instagram, why would folk then bother going all the way there to see it in person. So we understand that if you live in LA or Laos and you don't want to travel all the way to Glasgow to see your work, But please trust the process, trust we have your images and that they are on display in the gallery and we WILL post images of the work when it is appropriate to do so. This is something we have been trying to get across from DAY 1 and almost every 2 weeks we get the same complaints....despite it being made clear in the gallery Q&A that we link in the acceptance emails to everyone who participates. Soon we hope to have a 360 camera which we will be able to use to create a virtual gallery where you will be able to tour the gallery online. More on this soon.

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Membre inconnu
30 août 2022

I still think it would be nice if you emailed exhibition participants reminding them of the dates the images will be on display when the exhibition is about to start. In all my correspondence with the organiser, once my image was selected, the exhibition dates were never mentioned - and I'm fairly sure the actual dates had not been released a the time of submission. I don't think it's right that you should just rely on the photographers to keep checking the website or social media to see when an exhibition is taking place. As a common courtesy, I think you should be emailing participants to thank them and to invite to visit the gallery if possible

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