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I would like to just remind everyone and inform new members to the gallery that the Photography zines are a very new feature to the Gallery, This is the pilot phase to see if they are popular and if people like them, buy them etc before we begin to invest more into them and expand them, We are doing these to try and enhance everyones experience of exhibiting with us, We can not for financial reasons (5 months without any income) make large scale zines with every single participants images featured in them. We also at no stage have we promised or advertised this to be the case, If anyone feels this to have been the case, we apologise it was not our intention and we have always tried to be very careful about this, It is also the case that when images have been sent to be selected for the zine, multiple have been returned as "unsuitable for selection", usually down to file size and quality, this is due to people not following the correct submission procedures, that we CLEARLY lay out in our submission process. Also we are trying to be fair, so if someone is featured in a zine, they won't be featured in the next to give someone else the opportunity. We are hopefully going to be able to move to the situation where every photographer taking part in an exhibition will have their work featured in the zine, however we are still ironing out of few issues on how to do this, Zines need to be prepared in advance of each exhibition and sometimes turn around for exhibitions are just a few days, so it is extremely challenging for us to fully prepare a zine for print and install and de-install exhibitions. The Gallery is the most important feature of what we do, it's a psychical space for people to enjoy printed photographs on a wall. that is the main focus of what we do, we want photographers to enjoy having their work exhibited in a gallery. We are not a large scale funded gallery with a large backroom team of editors, designers, installers etc. We have just come through and extremely difficult few months where without many of you the gallery would no longer exist.

I know some people are exhibiting with us for the first time, so pease keep this in mind and have some patients and understanding and respect that we are working hard preparing exhibitions to exhibit your work on your behalf.

Thank you The Glasgow Gallery of Photography Team.

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