International Photography Exhibition



The Glasgow Gallery of Photography brings you Postcards from Summer, A very different kind of exhibition.
The world we live in has changed and as we move forward we are all faced with new challenges. 
How to exhibit work in a gallery that no longer exists for example.
So we have come up with an idea, The Gallery has teamed up with a number of new and existing creative businesses in Glasgow and they are lending us their windows for 2 weeks to exhibit your work in.
Much like our Poster take over back in March, But this time its shop windows around the city, stretching from the south side, west end and east end of Glasgow your wok will be printed as postcards and displayed in an fantastic exhibition that will be viewed by thousands fo people daily.

The theme of this exhibition is summer, and as no one is allowed to travel and everyone has been having "Staycations" We want to see what you have captured. it is an open theme, so any genre of photography.  Even if you have been stuck at home, we want to exhibit your images.


STEP 1: Name your image. Johnsmith1.jpeg etc
STEP 2: Make sure your image is a JPEG, we can only except jpegs as this is what our printing company that we use requires.
STEP 3: Send us your 5 jpegs with your name on it via wetransfer to
STEP 4:Pay your participation Fee at the button below.
STEP 5: Relax, we'll do the rest.

This is a pay and participate exhibition, If you pay, we will display (We do not take fee's then turn folk away, we abhor this practice that many galleries adopt)

We will then post on social media and our website where each image can be located, we will also provide online images for our International Exhibitions.
(PLEASE don't keep emailing asking us to send you images, the images are spread out across the city and we will photography and post them once they are all installed)
Images will be chosen by the exhibition curator, we will chose as many as we can but space is limited so we will insure everyone has at least 1 image on display.

Hit the button below and pay the submission fee then
Send 5 images via wetransfer to and we will do the rest.



Participation Fee £25.00