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Photography Graduate Student Showcase

Curated by the Glasgow Gallery of Photography Directors and Curators

Submission Deadline: 6th May 2024
Acceptance Notification by: 20th May 2024
(Please Check Spam Folder. You will only be notified if selected)
Free Submission

Exhibition Date:
3rd August - 31st August 2024

What is The Emergence Project? The Emergence project is to give recently graduated photography students a chance to showcase their work to a wider audience. The exhibition will be held in our gallery and all printing expenses will be covered by us at GGoP, this exhibition will be completely free for the students selected to participate. We will also be making an accompanying zine to go along with the exhibition, which will be available for purchase, any proceeds made from the sell of the zine will be used to help cover costs of the exhibition.

Why are you doing this? We know it can be really hard to get your work out there once you have graduated and we know that it has been especially hard for those who graduated during Covid-19 due to the closures and restricted of galleries and other exhibition spaces. So we want to give those who missed out and those in the future their first stepping stone post graduation.

Who can apply? Any UK based photography student who has graduated between 2021 - 2024 can submit their work for a chance to be selected to take part in this graduate showcase.

How much will it cost? Nothing, we at GGoP have decided to cover the costs of putting on this exhibition. We know it can be really expensive to pay for printing, venue hire etc to put on an exhibition, that's why we cover any expense ourselves. Will also be producing a zine to go along with the exhibition, our hope any proceeds from the sale of the zine will help cover some of the costs of the exhibition and maybe help go towards hosting this exhibition again in the future.

How to submit? Please send your submissions to Send up to 8 images and a brief statement (in a word doc or pdf) about you, where you graduated from and what year, your work/projects and why you would like to be part of The Emergence Project.

Make sure that the image you submit are JPEGs and that images you submit can be printed at 16"x12" as a minimum.

Submission Deadline: 6th May 2024

What happens next? Those selected to take part will be notified soon after the deadline. In the following weeks after some discussions with the curation team, the images that will be displayed will be selected and the contents of the zine will be finalized. (Please note, once the final images have been selected there will not be time to change at a later date, please only submit work that is finished and you are happy to have exhibited in its current form)

How to participate:

The submission deadline for this exhibition:   6th May 2024

  1. Choose up to 8 images that are 300ppi and 3000 Pixels minimum on the shortest side.
    Work will be displayed various sizes depending on the image selected. (You will be asked to resubmit if you do not follow these guidelines)

  2. Name your image files with your name e,g Firstname-Surname1, Firstname-Surname2, etc
    If you do not name your files correctly, it could result in your files getting lost or misplaced.
    Please only use your name, do not include image titles or any other information, this can be added elsewhere in you submission.

  3. Make sure your images are JPEG files. We can only accept jpegs as this is what the printing company that we use requires.

  4. Send your 1 - 8 files using either Wetransfer or Dropbox (which are free to use) to our submission email address Please do not send image via email as this tends to compress your files. Also please send all your images at the same time, and not one image at a time.

  5. Please remember to tell us your name, nationality and/or where you reside (these will be displayed along with your selected images) which exhibition you are submitting to e.g Emergence Project

If you are selected to participate you will be notified by email. Those not selected will not be notified.

Good Luck!

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