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Information for Participants

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography (GGoP) is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC), meaning we are a non profit organisation and not a commercial gallery. Therefore any money that the gallery makes, goes directly back into the running of the gallery.

The Gallery is also free to the general public, we don't charge an entrance fee.

It is FREE to submit to our exhibitions, however there is a participation fee if you are selected to take part in one of our exhibitions.

Our current participation fee is £48 for our month long exhibitions (unless otherwise stated).

What do you get for the fee? We have your work printed, we will mount and frame your images, we then install and un-install your work and have it exhibited in our exhibition space for one month. We also have your work displayed in an online gallery on our website for a minimum of 3 years and all those selected will receive a digital certificate. We will share the exhibition on our social media pages with photos and videos, and everyone who is selected for one of our exhibitions is in with a chance to be named photographer of the month, in which you and your work will be highlighted on our social media and will be part on an end of year Catalogue of work.

But your fee doesn't just cover the printing of your work. It also covers things such as the maintenance and replacement of frames, the maintenance of the gallery, rent for the gallery, electricity, heating and water bills, the wages of the staff, website costs, security and insurance, plus much much much more.

Once the participation fee has been paid,there is nothing left for you do to as we do the rest for you, the printing, framing, install and take down of the exhibition.

 After the end of an exhibition photographers have four options regarding their print, 


  • Collect your print. Photographers have until the end of the following month to collect their print , e.g. if the exhibition runs for the month of April, photographers have until the end of May to collect their print.
    We are unable to hold prints that are marked for collection any longer than this as we do not have the space to store them any longer.

    You must tell us you are wishing to collect your print before the start of the exhibition.
    We organise the prints according to who is collecting and who is not, if we aren’t aware you wish to collect, the prints will not be set aside for collection and will not be available to collect.
    Please remember it is print only, the mounts and frames are custom made specifically to the gallery and are very expensive these belong to the gallery. All collection is from our High Street gallery regardless of the location of the exhibition.

       More info about collecting your print can be found here

  • We will not post/ship out prints after the exhibition. As it will be the print only that the photographer receives, the cost of shipping alone, we believe, doesn’t make it a financially viable option for photographers, especially international photographers.
    If you are still wanting your print after considering all your options, then you will have to arrange for a courier yourself to collect your print. If you let us know that you have done this we will have your print ready for the courier. Again it will be the print only, the frames and mounts belong to the gallery. 


  • The print(s) are available for Sale and Promotion. We are introducing our new Sale and Promotion option for prints. After the end of the exhibition prints that have been assigned this option will be put into portfolios that will be available to view by the general public for 3 months after the end of the exhibition, e.g. prints from an April exhibition will be kept in the Sale and Promotion portfolio until the end of July. In the Sale and Promotion portfolios, print will be available for sale and will have information about the photographer (name, website, social media etc) as a way of further promoting the photographer and their work. After the three months, if the work is not sold, the prints will be shredded as we are unable to keep the print any longer. Prints in the Sale and Promotion portfolios will not be available to collect afterwards, if you wish to collect your print you must select the collection option. You cannot select both. Again you must tell us before the end of the exhibition if you wish your print to be in the Sale and Promotion portfolios. The GGoP takes a commission of 20% on all prints sold.

  • Donate the print to the gallery.
    The Glasgow Gallery of Photography is a Community Interest Group (CIC), which means it is a non profit organization. All money made by the gallery goes back into the running of the gallery, it is not a commercial gallery. Donating your print to the gallery means that you have given the gallery permission to sell your print (at a price and date decided by the gallery) and to use the proceeds towards the running of the gallery. This really helps with the running of the gallery as we do not charge the general public an entrance fee to our gallery, as we think that as many people as possible should be able to see the work on display and therefore have to find other ways in order to cover operational cost (most of you participation fee goes towards operational costs). Selling prints donated by photographers is one way that helps cover the gallery’s day to day running cost. Again, we must be told in advance if you would like to donate your print. 


  • The print is shredded at the end of the exhibition. If you do not tell us what you wish to happen to your print before the end of the exhibition you are in, your print will be shredded. We plan exhibitions quite far in advance and feel that we give participants ample time to let us know what they wish to do with their print at the end of the exhibition. At the end of each exhibition we organise the prints into collection, donation and Sale and Promotion, so we need to know in advance of the end of the exhibition what is to happen to your print. Even contacting us the day after the last day of the exhibition will be too late as the lists will have been drawn up and ready for the take down of the exhibition. 

Sale of prints


We offer photographers an opportunity to sell the print that is in the exhibition, the print will be listed for sale for the duration of the exhibition. We must know that you wish to sell your print at least 1 week before the start of the exhibition, once we have made the sale list for the exhibition it will not be added to. We sell the exhibition print only and will not print and sell multiple copies of the work. If works are displayed in a frame for the duration of the exhibition, the print will not be sold with the frame. The frames belong to the gallery and are not sold with the prints. We have a recommended pricing guideline available, these are prices that we believe are more likely to sell and would encourage all photographers to seriously consider them.

We suggest a guide of £35-£45 for smaller prints, e.g. A4 size, and for larger prints between £50-£75/80 e.g 16"x12", 12"x12" or 18"x12". The gallery will take a 20% commission on all print sales.


Unless otherwise stated images will either be printed 18"x12, 16"x12", or 12"x12" in size depending on the image to fit our frames.

If any photographer does not agree with the prices set out in the pricing guideline, there are two options, 

  1. The gallery lists that anyone interested buys directly from the photographer. This means that we will list the photographer’s details, be it website, or email address, on the sale list so that those interested in buying the work, will do so directly from the photographer. This means the photographer has more control over the price, size, paper type and quality of their prints. Please note, that it will be the photographer's responsibility to produce and send prints to buyers.The gallery will not take any commission from these sales, and the exhibition print will be shredded unless asked to be collected or donated to the gallery.

  2. We can list your print at a higher price if you wish, but ask for you to consider the following when pricing your work. It will be the exhibition print only, meaning it will not be framed when sold, and that it will be printed on paper decided by the gallery at a size decided by the gallery. If you normally sell your work on a large aluminium panel, it is unlikely people will pay the same price for a 16x12” print on Fuji Crystal Archive Professional paper. If you sell your work as limited edition prints, this print might not match in print size or paper type other prints in the same edition.

If the print does not sell during the exhibition the photographer must let us know what they wish to do with the print (options above) before the end of the exhibition.

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