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Gallery restrictions due to Covid.

We have been receiving lots of enquiries the last few weeks in regards to events taking place in the gallery, such as opening nights, courses, talks and classes. Due to the obvious situation in regards to public gatherings and social distancing, the gallery can not hold any events with larger gatherings than 4 people in the gallery for the foreseeable future, until told other wise that it is safe to do so. We understand some of you will be disappointed about this but unfortunately because of the size of the gallery there is very little we can do about it in the time being. The most important thing is that the gallery is able to re open and I believe we may even be the first gallery space in Glasgow to do so. The safety and and wellbeing of our staff and visitors is of the upmost importance. So like everywhere else at the moment there will be some restrictions in place until we are told otherwise by our Landlords and The Scottish Government. Thanks

Michael McCann Gallery Director

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