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New Gallery Updates

So as you may or may not be aware the Glasgow gallery of photography is undergoing a number of big changes. Firstly, There is now a second gallery. To help differentiate the galleries they will now have different names. The current gallery at Glassford street will now be known as The Glasgow Gallery of photography: Merchant City, And the new gallery will be known as The Glasgow Gallery of Photography: High Street. The new gallery will open on the 3rd October and the first exhibition on display will be the Abandoned exhibition. The gallery is located at 279 - 281 High street, Glasgow near man of the cities attractions, Provands Lordship, St Mungos Museum, Glasgow Cathedral and The Necropolis meaning pretty much every tourist visiting Glasgow will need to go past our front door. For the first few weeks opening times are days are going to be a little sporadic until we can take on our new staff members. After the 7th of October, High street will be open Wednesday to Saturday 11pm - 5pm and hours and days will be extended when we are able to do so. Merchant city gallery close on the 29th September and will reopen on the 7th of October with the exhibition "Blue". The Gallery Bookshop: The Gallery Bookshop at merchant city is now in the hands of a new management team and will now be known as Bigglestones Bookshop. They are now separate from the gallery. Staff members in the bookshop are not linked to the gallery, so they will not be able to help with certain enquiries regarding exhibitions, There will be every piece of information required in the gallery and links to the website, there will also be volunteers in the gallery at certain times to answer any queries. New volunteer opportunities are also coming up soon. our new high street gallery now has a bookshop, dedicated purely to photography publications, Books, zines and prints, and probably has one of the best collections of Photography books, which we will continue to grow. Print collections: From Tuesday the 3rd of October ALL print collections will be handled by High street regardless of the exhibition venue. High street now has a dedicated print and archival space and all and any collections will take place there within the time limit that we set out. Any work late to be collected within the time frame set out by us will not be immediately made available for collection. Stocking Prints and Zines: In order to keep tight control on what publications we stock, we will not be taking on any zines, books or prints from photographers. We will take requests under consideration but this does not mean it's guaranteed we will stock your work. We will have a specific portal for this on the website in the near future. We will not accept any zines, books, or prints that are handed in without prior knowledge or authorisation. The Abandoned Exhibition will open Tuesday 3rd October at High Street and close on the 29th of October. Blue Exhibition will open on October 7th at Merchant City Gallery and will close on the 2nd of November.

We took forward to welcoming you to our galleries!

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