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Gallery Update

As some of you will be aware, from this evening Friday the 20th All non essential shops and Visitor attractions in Glasgow are required to close for the next 3 weeks while the government tries to reduce the number of cases of Covid to a safer level.

As a result of this The Black Edition Exhibition will now not take place on the dates we advertised, neither will the International Street Exhibition.

The decision has been made for the gallery to remain closed until 2021,

As the 3 week lockdown is not guaranteed to end on the dates put forward by the government, and could potentially be extended if the case numbers do not begin to drop in the region, so instead of trying to second guess the government guidance we have decided to just remain close and return when it is safer to do so.

Black Edition:

The black edition images have been printed and are ready to be exhibited in the gallery, when we know more we will update the participants and folk wishing to take come visit the gallery.

There is a zine that is being printed as we speak and is available on pre order from the shop, We will begin posting these out soon. These may be a little slower to reach you because of the time of year and current pressure on postal services, especially during lockdowns etc.

International Street Photography Exhibition:

This exhibition has had well over 200 submissions and is by far our busiest submission we as a gallery have ever had. And as a result and due to the current situation we have decided to extend the payment deadline until December 1st.

The exhibition WILL still be going ahead as planned, just in 2021, this will give us a little more time to get it ready.

Photographer of the Month Award:

November’s photographer of the Month will still go ahead, photographers from Portrait and Black editions exhibition vying for the trophy.

We are going to hold an online exhibition in December it will be our End of Year Exhibition that we were planning and submission will be £15.00 and all funds will go towards helping the gallery survive the current lockdown.

The gallery WILL return in 2021, In the meantime, we like everyone else need your support yet again,

See you all in 2021 when we have all sent this virus on its way, thank you to everyone who has participated, donated and purchased from our shop, it means a hell of a lot to us.

Stay safe and keep well.

The GGOP Team.

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